4​​​​​​ over ripe bananas – mash
180g​​​​​​ butter – soften
180g​​​​​​ caster sugar​
2 ​​​​​Eggs – room temperature
1 tbsp​​​​​​ fresh milk

240g Plain flour​​​​​
1 tsp Baking Powder​​​​
1/2 tsp Bi-carb soda (baking soda)​​​
1/2 tsp salt

Preheat oven at 150C
grease deep 23cm square cake pan, line base with baking paper (if use silicon baking tray just brush with melted butter)
beat butter and sugar using K-beater, slowly increase the speed to 6 and beat till pale (about 7 mins)
Add in the milk
Lightly beat one egg into a bowl, reduce speed to min, then add the egg slowly by the side, repeat for,the other egg, turn up the speed and beat till combine
reduce speed to min, then fold in the flour till thick
Lastly fold in the banana
bake in oven (150C) for about 1 Β½ hrs, stand for 5 mins before turning onto wire rack, remove the cake from the mould and let it cool

Marble: scope out a small portion of batter, add in coco powder or melted chocolate and mix well
Chocolate banana cake: add in 1 to 2 tbsp of cocoa powder into the (A) – depending on your liking.


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