I love to cook and eat this Japanese pancake compare to the western style pancake, firstly, it is savory instead of sweet, secondly this is one sure way I can make my son eat his vegetables! 😁😁 you can serve this as breakfast or as lunch, a simple and quick healthy meal.

Make 4 pancake

Ingredients for the batter:
Dissolve 1 tbsp Dashi powder with 1 tbsp warm water
110g plain flour
190g of water

Ingredients for the filling:
1 egg
80g cabbage, thinly slice
40g spring onion, chopped finely

Optional ingredients:
Bacon, small prawns, Chinese sausage etc.

Japanese mayonnaise (kewpie)
Japanese BBQ sauce (0konomi sauce)
Seaweed flakes (Aonori)
Bonito flakes (katsuobushi)

Cooking Instructions
In a large bowl, use a hand whisk and whisk all the batter ingredient until smooth
Add the ingredient for the filling and mix, but don’t over mix.
Heat oil in a non stick pan and pan fry till golden on both side.
Remove to plate and drizzle with Kewpie mayonnaise, okonomi sauce and sprinkle with Aonori and Katsuobushi.




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