1 kg Beef brisket / beef fingers​ – cut into bite size
450ml Tomato juice​
1 tbsp minced garlic

Ingredients (A) Total weight to be 700g:
1 Large onion
1 Large potato​
1 Large carrot​
1/2 White radish

160ml Cooking wine
1/2 tsp Salt​
1 tbsp Sugar
Corn flour mixture (1 tbsp flour with 2 tbsp water)
1 tbsp of Butter

1. dice (A) into bite size
2. put the beef in the wok with water then turn on the fire, when the water boiled, blench the beef for a while then drain.
3. heat 1 tbsp oil and stir fry the beef for a while then add 160ml of cooking wine and fry till fragrant. Remove and set aside to a bowl, retain the gravy.
4. heat 1 tbsp oil and fry garlic and onion till fragrant.
5. put in the potatoes, radish and carrot and fry for a while.
6. put in the beef then add ½ tsp salt and fry, cover, reduce the heat to low and simmer till almost dry
7. put in tomato juice, add in salt ¼ tsp and sugar 1 tbsp
8. transfer to thermal pot and simmer for 15 mins
9. transfer to thermal cooker and let it continue to cook till meat is tender to your liking
8. put in corn flour mixture to thicken.
11. before serving, add in butter to give a gloss on the gravy.


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