Teochew Yam Paste With Pumpkin And Gingko Nuts 潮州芋泥

I am a Teochew, and this is a traditional Teochew dessert, I remembered when I was young, I only get to eat this during wedding dinner. I love anything that is Yam, yam basket, Bubur char char, yam with rice etc. But my tummy don’t quite agree with coconut milk, so I tend to avoid food that has got coconut in it, but most of the nice dessert, including this yummy yam paste, coconut usually is one of the ingredients. But being a Teochew, I reckon I must learn how to make this, which is a Teochew dessert and keep the tradition going right?

600g yam, peeled, cut I to 1 cm thick, steamed and mashed
150g – 170g sugar (to taste)
130ml shallot oil, lard or oil
80g Gingko nuts
200g pumpkin, cut into small cubes
250ml thick coconut milk

Method for Gingko nuts:
In a small saucepan, add in enough water to cover the Gingko nuts, add in 2 tsp sugar and simmer the Gingko nuts till soft and color become translucent, set aside

Method for pumpkin:
Steam the pumpkin with 2 tsp sugar for about 15 mins or till it is soft, set aside

Method for yam:
Steam the yam for 25 mins or till yam is soft
Transfer to a blender, add in 120ml water and blend till a smooth paste
Put yam paste, sugar and oil into wok, stir and cook with medium heat until yam paste can leave the side of wok
Remove from heat and add in 100ml of the coconut milk and mix well.
If the yam paste feels dry, add in some water and mix well
Transfer to a serving plate, wet the back of a metal spoon and smooth out the yam, arrange the pumpkin around and ginkgo nuts in the middle
Heat up the remaining coconut milk with a pinch of salt and serve as a side.

Note: you can prepare this in advance, leave in the fridge and reheat it by steaming it for 10-15 mins.


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