Fried Hokkien Mee 炒福建虾面


420g Yellow noodles (1 packet of fortune round Hokkien noodles)
100g bee Hoon – soak till soft
100g Bean sprouts
30g Chives
300g Prawns and squids
400ml Prawn stock
2 eggs

1/2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp salt
1 tsp light soy sauce
Dash of pepper

Chili sauce
Fresh cut chili

Remove prawn heads, wash and drain, fry prawn heads with 1 tbsp of oil till color change to red. Remove from pan and pound lightly
In a saucepan and add in 500ml water and 1 tsp of salt and cook the prawns and squid till cooked, dish up and soak in cold icy water for 10 mins
Slice the squids into rings and remove the prawns shells but leave the tail on
Put in the prawn head and simmer for 15 mins, set aside and leave to cool, strain the stock to get 400ml prawn stock, set aside
Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a wok and fry the garlic till fragrant
Add eggs and scramble, add in yellow noodles and Bee Hoon and fry till cooked
Add in prawns stock and fish sauce, soya sauce, salt and pepper to taste
Lastly add in bean sprouts, chives, prawns and squids and mix well
Dish up to serving plate and serve hot with garnishing


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