Rabbit In The Grass Carrot Cake💙🐰🐰🍰🍰❤️



My youngest son Emanel birthday is in mid of July, I make this today as a surprise cake for him to celebrate his 15th birthday in advance as I will be in USA for holiday on his birthday. As he was born in the year of rabbit, so I make this rabbit in the grass carrot cake for him. This is the smallest birthday day I have ever made as there is only two of us and a dog at home. I had to hide the cake in the store room so that he won’t see the cake when he comes back from school, luckily it is winter now, so I have no problem in hiding the cake in the store room. I waited till he went to take his shower, I bring it out and leave it in his room table, he was surprise when he saw the cake and give me a hug! Happy 15th Birthday to you Emanel! May God bless you and be with you all the days of your life!

Rabbit In The Grass Fondant

Important Note: The fondant must leave it to dry for at least 24 hours before putting onto the cake to prevent it to melt on the cake

Electric pink gel food coloring

Icing sugar mix with a tiny bit of water

For the rabbit bottom
Take 100g of white fondant and roll into a ball
Take 8g and roll into for the tail, use toothpick make many tiny holes
Take 6g each for the feet
Tint 10g of fondant with pink for the paws
Attach the tail and the feet using the glue




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