Satay Sauce (Recipe from Thermomix TrueMix cook book)


200g roasted peanut powder

150g Shallots
50g Garlic
20g Lemon grass (about 1 to 1/2 stalk)
40g fresh chili
10g dried chili
5g Galangal (fresh turmeric)

1 tbsp coriander powder
1 tbsp kurma powder
30g oil

1/4 tsp Salt
20g Sugar
70g Fula Melaka
70g Assam juice
150g thick coconut milk

Place ingredients (A) into Thermomix TM bowl to blend at (15 sec / speed 0-6)
Scrape down the side of wall and blend once more (15 sec / speed 0-6)
Add (B) and fry until fragrant (7 min / V / speed 1)
Add (C) continue to fry (10 min / 100 degree / speed 1)
Lastly add peanut powder to mix well (10 sec / speed 2)


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