Ham & Eggs With Tartar Chili Sauce Sandwich

This sandwich looks very ordinary because ham and egg sandwich are nothing new or interesting, but the sauce does spice things up a little and made this sandwich a little special and moist. I remembered the first time when my mother-in-law made this sandwich, I ask her where she learn it from, she says it was her Aunty that taught her this sauce for the sandwich, if you are a fan of tartar sauce, why don’t give this sandwich a try?
8 pieces of bread
4 slices of ham
2 large eggs, beat well

Sauce: mix well
3 tbsp Tartar Sauce
1tbsp chili sauce
Dash of Lee & Perrins sauce

Add oil and heat a non stick frying pan and fry the eggs into 4 thin pieces of omelette, remove and set aside
Spread all the bread with some butter on one side
Take one piece of bread, buttered side face up, put one piece of ham on top then spread some sauce on the ham, put the eggs on top the ham follow by another piece of bread
Repeat for the other three sandwiches,
Cut and serve


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