(A) – Sift together
250g​​ Self raising flour
1 tsp​​​ baking powder
½ tsp​​​ bi-carbonate soda
1 or 2 tsp​​ cinnamon powder

Note: Can replace cinnamon powder with vanilla essence, if using vanilla essence put in (B)

300g​​ caster sugar or 170g brown sugar
4 ​​eggs (59g each)
1 ½ cup / 312g​​ oil
3 cup / 385g​ carrot shredded finely

(C) can use any combination for the following ingredients:
½ can / 200g​ small pineapple – crushed and drained)
½ or 1 cup​​ chopped almond nuts / walnut / pecan nuts / raisin / desiccated coconut

250g​​ cream cheese – leave at room temperature before using
100g​​ butter / margarine – leave at room temperature before using
½ or 1 cup or 140g​ icing sugar – sifted
1 lemon zest – large
2 tbsp​​ lemon juice

1. prepare a 9 inch cake tin
2. Using Whisk attachment and beat sugar and egg till white and creamy
3. add in oil and beat well
4. Use a spatular, fold in the carrots follow by the dried ingredients
5. fold in the flour
6. bake for 45 mins to 1 ½ hour at 170C (fan force bake at 180C)
7. remove and leave to completely cool before put on the frosting.

1. Use the k beat beat cream cheese and butter and beat till pale and fluffy
2. Put in the rest of the ingredients and beat for 30 secs or till well combine.


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