Traditional Bake Moon Cake

(A) – Need to make one day in advance
300g syrup
120ml peanut oil
1 tsp alkaline water
2 tbsp plain flour

350-400g Hong Kong flour

1. Put all the ingredients (A) into a mixing bowl, use a hand whisk and mix well, leave it overnight (the color will turn darker and nicer)


2. Sift 350g of Hong Kong flour into a large mixing bowl
3. Use a hand whisk, make a hole in the centre and pour in the syrup and slowly mix well until a soft dough is formed


4. If it is too soft, add in the some flour (a bit at a time) and use a plastic cutter to mix, (do not use hand to mix)


5. mix until soft but does not stick to finger when touched, and the dough will fall back to the bowl when lifted

6. Cover with a cloth and leave it to rest for 3 hours

Salted egg yolks
Give the egg yolks a rinse
Put on a plate and steam for 10 mins and leave to cool completely

Method for checking the weight of your filling:
1. The weight of each filling for the moon cake depends on the size of your mould.
2. Take enough lotus paste roll into a ball and press it to compact into your mould.
3. Remove and weigh it, if the total weight is 150g, you can use between 25g to 40g as skin and the rest as the filling.
4. To make single yolk moon cake, put an egg yolk and lotus paste and weigh together, remove the lotus paste and shape into a round ball, make a hole in the middle and put in the egg yolk, seal up again and shape into round ball

Egg glaze:
Put 2 egg yolks, 1 egg white and pinch of salt into a small bowl and beat well with a fork, leave it aside to rest till bubbles dissolve

Method for the Moon Cake:
1. Pre heat oven at 180°C
2. Moon cake are bake in 2 stages.
3. Use a scrapper take about 25g to 40gm skin dough for one moon cake, depending on your skill (the lesser the dough the thiner the skin the better it is)
4. Apply flour on your hand, palm and the dough, shape the dough into a ball, then flatten it on your palm , do not use a rolling pin
Put the dough on your left palm, place the lotus paste in the centre of the dough


5. turn it over to the right palm (the dough should face up)
Use your left hand to press the dough down to cover the filling till you can’t see the lotus paste any more, sprinkle some flour if it sticks


6. Turn it around and use both hands to slowly push the dough together to seal it, pinch away excess dough, if any
7. Shape into round again, make sure release the air bubbles inside, coat a bit of flour on the dough


8. Sprinkle some flour into the mould, shake off the excess flour
Press the dough into the mould gently using the palm of your hand

9. Place a piece of thick cloth on the table
Knock the mould on all the 4 sides to loosen the edge on the cloth, then knock to remove the Moon cake from the mould

IMG_4342.JPG on the baking tray line with baking paper

11. Spray some water on the mooncakes. (to prevent the mooncake from cracking during baking.)
12. Bake at pre-heated oven, without any glazing for 15 mins, remove put in the 2nd tray of moon cake to bake for 15 mins and leave the 1st tray of moon cake to cool down completely (do not over bake)
13. Brush the 1st tray with egg glaze and bake for 10 mins until golden brown, repeat for the 2nd tray.
14. Leave mooncake to cool completely and store in air tight containers. Wait for 3-7 days (depending on your weather) for the mooncakes to 回油 (for the skin to soften) before serving.


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