Boeing 777-300ER Plane Cake✈️✈️🎂🎂



  Today is my husband’s 48th birthday and this Christmas we will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. During this 22 years of marriage, I have never bake a cake for him before. I only pick up baking after I move to Perth, this past 11 years in Perth, I have make many many cakes for friends and for my children’s birthday, but never have opportunity to make any birthday cake for him as every year around this time I already in Singapore enjoying my holiday. This year my son’s school holiday only starting tomorrow and my husband is back here in Perth, so I decided to celebrate his very first birthday in Perth, and make for him a special cake. I won’t be able to do this cake without the help of a friend – who is a professional baker, as I wasn’t confidence enough. I made some mistake in the process but also learn some great tips from her, which I believe will help me with my next project. Happy blessed birthday dear! Hope you like the cake! 😍😘.

Tips on handling fondant:
Microwave the fondant for 5 sec (handful size) 10 sec (1-1.5kg)interval until fondant is soft and easy to knead
Apply shortening on your hands to prevent sticking
Add some Glycerine into the fondant (to soften the fondant)
Use glycerine, cellogen with a bit of water to make transparent glue

Things to do few days in advance:
1. the wings (x4), tail (X1), Logo (x2) and engine (x2), mix the fondant with cellogen (to help harden the wings) and knead well, roll out to the thickness you want, cut to the shape and remember to stick a skewer onto the wings and tail so to secure on the cake.
2. Use a cake board and cover with grey fondant for the runway.

3. Make the “grass” using green fondant, pinch into small bits and let it dry then crush into like bread crumbs. brush with edible glue to stick the grass on
4. Make the airplane base, using cardboard then wrap with aluminum foil (for easy handling of the cake)


Chocolate Mud Cake
For the cake: need to bake 2 potion and one day in advance before assemble.

115g Butter (room temperature)
100g caster sugar
115g brown sugar

(B) sift together
170g Self Raising Flour
50g cocoa powder
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp of salt

4 medium eggs (room temperature)
6 tbsp sour cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tablespoon Kahlua liquor (optional, but highly recommended)

1. Per heat the oven to 170 degree and line a 9 inch baking tin
2. Put the ingredients (A) in the mixer bowl, using K-beater, speed 0-6 and cream butter and sugar until pale and fluffy


2. Add in the vanilla essence
3. In a small bowl, beat one egg lightly, reduce to speed 4 beat in the eggs, one at a time, If it looks curdling add 2 tbsp from the flour mixture


4. Reduce to speed 1, add in the flour mixture, and sour cream, alternating between the two – starting and ending with the flour


5. Pour enough batter into tins and gently encourage the mix to the sides.


6. Bake for 30-35 mins until they smell ready and a skewer comes out clean.
Let cool 5 Mins in tins, then turn on to a wire rack to cool completely.


To assemble:
Chocolate ganache ingredients:
300g Nestle dark chocolate melts buttons
150g thicken cream
1 tablespoon Kahlua liquor (optional, but highly recommended)

1. Put the chocolate and thicken cream in a microwaveable deep bowl
2. Microwave for one mins on Medium setting. remove, stir with a spoon, put in another min, remove, stir again, repeat the steps till all melted.
3. Once melted, use the whisk and whisk for 3-4 mins till thicken and glossy.
4. Add in the liquor and mix well

1. Put one cake on the airplane base, brush with chocolate ganache then put the other cake on top, leave to set for about 15 mins. (Note: put a piece of baking paper under to help you move and transfer the cake around)


2. trim to the shape of a plane


3. Put the off cut cake on a plate, use a fork to mash it up, add in some chocolate ganache and mix well then use to frost the cake with this mixture to fill up gaps and holes on cakes.


4. Frost with chocolate ganache evenly. then put in the fridge till it harden


5. When the cake is harden, remove from the fridge. Brush with kuliah liquor all over (optional)

6. Use a thick water pipe and roll out the white fondant that is enough to cover the whole cake.


7. Transfer the cake to another clean sheet of baking paper, cover the cake with the rolled out fondant then trim off all the sides.


8. Mark out the height of your wings. The height of the strips of window

9. Next make all the windows, wordings and flag and stick with the glue mixture


10. Transfer to the runway, put on the runway stripes


11. Lastly Stick on the wings and tail.


B777 Wings

SIA Logo


10 thoughts on “Boeing 777-300ER Plane Cake✈️✈️🎂🎂

  1. Hi Roxana, we are very impressed by your recipe! May we get your permission to share your recipe and photos onto our social media platforms? Our fans and followers will certainly be thrilled to learn how to make this cake!


      • Hi Roxana,

        My apologies. I got too excited in discovering this recipe and forgot to introduce myself. I am Terence Heng from the social media team of Singapore Airlines. We would like to share your recipe and photos on Singapore Airlines social media platforms to our fans and followers, if you are okay with it!


      • Hi Terence, I would love to have you share, through the Singapore Airlines social media platforms! Hope it will bring some fun to cake lovers. Thank you for contacting me. Have a blessed week. Yours sincerely, Roxana Ng


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