Steam Fish With Essence Of Chicken


The first time I heard about steam fish with essence of chicken was from my friend Serene Thong, personally I have never eaten this dish before so I got no idea how is this suppose to taste like. Since I have a bottle of essence of chicken sitting in my pantry for ages, I decided to give this a try, so this is my “anyhow cook” steam fish with essence of chicken!

1 whole fish or fish fillet of your choice
3 slices ginger – slice thinly
1 clove garlic – chopped
1 bottle of Brand’s Essence Of Chicken
3 teaspoon fish sauce
Dash of salt and sesame oil
Spring onion / coriander leaves / Chili for garnishing

Wash and pat dry the fish and place on a heat proof plate
season with dash of salt and pepper.
Place the chopped ginger and garlic on top the fish
Steam on high heat for 5-10 min or till fish is cooked
Discard the water on the fish
Heat up the essence of chicken in a cup of hot water
Drizzle the essence of chicken, fish sauce and sesame oil onto the fish.
Garnish with spring onions / coriander leaves / red chill.
Serve immediately


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