Beer Jelly🍻🍻🍻


When I first saw this on YouTube, I was like, Oh this is so cute!! I want to make this! So I went to the shop and grab a bottle of apple juice and play with it, when I leave it in the fridge to chill, my husband and my son ask me “why there is beer in the fridge?” Guess it was so real that they have been fooled! Happy Easter everyone, cheers!!

500ml clear Apple juice ( I use golden circle) 

10g gelatin powder 

 2 wine glass 

A basin of ice cold water


1. Take 3 tbsp of apple Juice and gelatin put in a microwave oven proof jug or deep bowl and use a hand whisk and mix well. 

 2. Cover with a cling wrap and microwave for 30 sec 

 3. Add in the remaining apple juice and whisk well 

 4. Transfer to the basin of ice cold and whisk slowly for about 6 mins


5. Remove the bowl from the ice water, whisk quickly for 15 sec to make the foam


6. Pour into the wine glass, chill in the fridge for at least one hour to set.



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