PANDAN PULUT INTI Coconut Glutinous Rice




600g glutinous rice – (soaked overnight or at least 6 hours), drained 

 2 pandan leaves – tie in a knot 

40ml water 

200ml coconut milk (I use Chef’s choice brand) 

 (B): mix well in a bowl 

200ml coconut milk 

1 1/2 teaspoon salt 

1 tablespoon sugar 


a few drops​ Pandan Paste


454gms (1 pkt) ​Frozen Grated Coconut or fresh grated coconut 

230g​ good quality Gula Melaka – cut into small pieces (or to taste) 

2 pandan leaves 

Method for the coconut: 

1. Heat a non stick wok, put in the Gula Melaka and fry in low heat till melted 

2. Add in the coconut and pandan leaves and fry till the coconut has fully absorb the Gula Melaka, taste and make sure it is sweet and damp before 

3. turn off the fire and leave to cool Note: if it is not sweet enough add more Gula Melaka, if is too dry add some coconut milk 

Method for the rice

1. Prepare the steamer on high heat and line a 7 inch square tin with aluminum foil at the base 
2. Put (A) into the baking tray and steam (use 1st tier) for 30 mins over high heat

2015/01/img_5257.jpg3. When the time is up, remove the rice from the steamer, add (B) and mix well with a ladle, then make some holes and steam for another 15 mins (or until cooked and soft) 

4. take about 1/3 of the rice into another blow and add a few drops of Pandan paste and mix well.

5. Combine the white and Pandan rice together and mix. 

To serve:

1. Spoon the rice into min muffins tray (I use a small ceramic bowl) use a spoon to press lightly and level it.

2. remove to a plate, scoop the coconut using a measuring spoon (1/2 tbsp) and make into a dome shape then put on top of the rice

3. repeat till all ingredients finished.


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