Quick And Easy Muah Chee 麻糍 – Gluten Free


Muah Chee 麻糍 is a Southern Chinese (Fujianese) dessert, is a steamed sticky dough made of glutinous rice flour which cut into small pieces and coated with lots of crush peanut and sugar.  

Muah Chee can be found in South East Asia, especially Malaysia and Singapore. This is a childhood treat for me when I’m little. Lots of recipe require to steam the dough for 45mins. But this recipe, which was shared by my friend Lorna Tan, is a short cut of making this supper soft muah Chee, it require no steaming at all and can be ready in under 15mins, the Camel brand ground peanut powder already has got sugar in there, so is just pour and serve! This dessert is very good for entertaining guest as it is super fast to prepare and yummy! All you need is glutinous rice flour and the peanut powder! 
Serve 2

1 cup of glutinous rice flour

1 cup of water

1/2 tbsp of cooking oil

100g Camel brand Ground Peanut Powder


Pour 50g of the peanut powder onto the serving plate

Mix the flour and water in a bowl and use a hand whisk and mix well


Heat a non stick pan with oil and pour in the batter 

cook over medium low heat. Stir the mixture with a spatula till it forms a soft, wobbly dough. Lower the heat and continue to cook the dough till it almost forming ball of dough, add in the cooking oil and cook till the sides are clean and form into a ball

remove to the serving plate and cut into bite size 

 pour in the another 50g peanut powder and serve immediately 


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