Fried White Carrot Cake 菜头粿 – Gluten Free


Carrot cake, also known as “fried carrot cake” in Southeast Asian countries. There is no connection between this dish and the sweet Western carrot cake eaten as a dessert. There’s No Carrot in this Carrot Cake, as it is made with radish cake (steamed rice flour, water, and shredded white radish), which is then stir-fried with eggs, preserved radish, garlic and fish sauce. There are two variants that are being served by hawkers in Singapore and Malaysia: the “white” version (which is gluten free version) does not use sweet soy sauce, and the carrot cake is fried on top of a beaten egg to form a crust; the “black” version uses sweet sauce (molasses) and the egg is simply mixed in with the carrot cake.

The dish has many fans, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia, where it is enjoyed by people of different dialect groups and races, and not just the Teochews, and is served in a range of establishments ranging from the simplest hawkers to the most expensive Chinese restaurants. It is amuch-loved local comfort food in the region, and can be consumed at various times of the day; it goes from being a breakfast dish, to a side dish, to a late-night supper dish.

Ingredient for the Kueh:

9 inch Square steaming tray

300g white radish

300g rice flour

440ml water

800ml boiling water

2 teaspoon salt
Method for the Kueh:

Prepare your steamer
Shred the radish finely

In a big mixing bowl, mix the rice flour with 440ml and stir well

Bring the 800ml water to a rapid boil, then pour into the flour mixture and use a hand whisk and mix well

Add in the radish and salt and mix well. Pour into the baking tray

steam on high heat for 45min, leave to completely cool before putting them in the fridge

To Fry:

50g Preserved radish – soak for 10 min then squeeze dry

mined garlic



fish sauce


spring onion chopped

Cut out 300g of carrot cake into pieces
Beat 2 eggs and add 1/2 teaspoon fish sauce in a bowl and set aside
Heat 2 tablespoon oil, add in carrot cake in and quickly cut carrot cake into small pieces with the ladle and pan fry both side till golden brown

Push the cake to the side of the pan and leave a space in the middle

add in 1 teaspoon oil, 1 teaspoon garlic and 2 teaspoon preserved radish and stir fry thoroughly while drizzle 1 1/2 teaspoon (Or to taste) fish sauce all over and then mix well
Slowly drizzle beaten eggs all over and pan fry till golden brown and crispy on both side

Garnish with spring onion and serve immediately.


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