Authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea 香港奶茶


Hong Kong Milk Tea is my husband’s “must drink” tea whenever he goes to Hong Kong. This milk tea is creamy, silky, smooth and light in texture; In Hong Kong, most of the shops uses the brand Black & White evaporated milk, which is a product from Holland. So far I have not seen this brand in any of the supermarket in Singapore or in Perth beside the supermarket in Hong Kong, and they are not cheap! If you can get hold of this brand of evaporated milk, you can make authentic milk tea, just like those in Hong Kong.

I have been searching for the Ceylon tea leaves in Perth for months without success. When I went to Hong Kong for holiday last week, I decided to go to the supermarket and take a look. The first 2 time when I went to the supermarket, I got no idea which brand to buy. On my 3rd trip, there was an old lady standing beside me, I decided to ask her with my broken cantonese, after a few mins, she finally understood my question and she pointed to me this brand of tea leaves. I came back and make for my husband and he he said: “got standard”, and even my 2 boys which have never try the milk tea before love it, and my husband ask memto make this milk tea for 3 day straight! Another successful recipe!

Make 3 cups

500g water
20g black tea leaves (I use Rickshaw Black Tea)

160ml Full cream evaporated milk (I use Black & White Full Cream Evaporated Milk)

3 tablespoon Condensed milk (or to taste)

Put the tea leaves together with the water in a heat proof jug and bring to a rapid boil over the stove

Turn of the heat, cover, and let it steep for 10 mins.
pour some boiling hot water into the tea pot and serving cup and give a little swirl, discard the water, this is to warm up the pot and cups
Place a strainer over the tea pot and pour the tea in

Pour in the evaporated milk and condensed milk into the teapot, stir well and serve immediately


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