Bailey Lux Belgian Royce’ Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート)

Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート) is a Japanese chocolate dessert, If you been to Japan, you will either tasted it or heard of this Japanese chocolate delicacy before. The well-known Nama Chocolate brand in Japan is ROYCE’ Chocolate. Nama chocolate is very rich and moist, this delicate and silky chocolate literally will melt in your mouth. Nama (na-ma) means “raw” or “fresh” in Japanese, this chocolate uses fresh cream, therefore, it must be kept it in the fridge and consume within 3 days. It is highly recommended to use high quality chocolate as that’s the most important ingredient for making yummy Nama Chocolate.

200ml thicken cream / heavy cream
400g good quality dark chocolate – 70% coco, chopped
8 tablespoon Bailey Irish Cream Liquor (or to taste)
Coco powder for dusting

Grease and line a 7 inch square tin with baking paper

Heat the heavy cream in a saucepan till starts to bubble, remove from heat immediately (below 50°C)

Add in the chopped chocolate and stir till chocolate melted

Add in the bailey and mix well

Pour into the tin and level the top

Put into the fridge till it set firmly ( best chill overnight)
Remove the chocolate by gently lift up the baking paper

Transfer to a serving plate and place it upside down 

Lay a big piece of glad wrap on top of it and use a long knife and cut it to bite size (cutting through the glad wrap will prevent the chocolate sticking onto the knife)

Discard the glad wrap

Dust over coco powder with strainer and keep it covered well

Consumed within 3 days


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