French Macarons With Nutella


Recipe from: mandysbakingjourney.blogspot


57g Almond Blanched Almond (Superfine)

40g SIS Superfine Icing Sugar

45g caster sugar

40g egg whites (*aged for 2 days, optional)

Gel color (do not use liquid coloring)

Nutella for the filling

Piping bag

Macarons template (3.5 cm circle) and baking tray



1. Put the egg white in the fridge, cover with cling wrap and poke some holes on the cling wrap and age egg white overnight in fridge and bring to room temperature before use

2. Blend the almond meal in the food processed till very fine powder.

3. Sift the ground almonds and icing sugar together and discard any almonds that don’t pass through the sieve. Sieve it twice and use a hand whisk and mix well, set aside.

4. Using the ballon attachment, whisk the egg whites on speed 6 till soft peak


5. Gradually add the caster sugar and the gel color and whisk till glossy and stiff peaks.


6. Sieve 1/2 of almond powder mixture into the eggs white and fold briefly. Sieve the remaining mixture and using cut and fold method to fold into the Meringue (egg white). The batter will appear grainy after you have added the dry ingredient to the egg white.


7. Continue to fold using the cut and fold method for (about 50 times) and press the mixture against the side of the bowl (3 times) in between the folding, this is to deflate some air.  The mixture should now be smooth and shiny.  The batter should flow from your spatular when you hold it up and sit in the batter for a min before it disappear. be careful do not over fold at this stage.


8. Fill the piping bag with the batter and tie the top with a rubber band and pipe from the centre on the circle and stop once you have filled the whole circle.


9. Tap the tray firmly on the table top about 6 times to remove any air bubbles. If there are bubbles on the surface, pop the bubbles with a toothpick. If there are small peaks, you can smooth it out with your finger.

10. Leave it to rest for 1 1/2  hour. They need to form a skin so they no longer stick to your fingers when you touch it. (This will prevent the macaron from cracking in the oven)

11. 1 hour into the rest period, turn the oven on to 150°C, rack in the center, oven need to be heat up for 30 mins before you can bake the macaron.

12. Bake in a preheated oven at 150°C for about 15minutes. The feet should appear 5 mins into baking .

13. Let it cool on the tray for 2 min before you pull the baking sheet right on to the wiring rack to cool completely. 

14. Match up your macarons to the same size then pipe Nutella in the middle of the macaroons and leave some room on the edge, then and sandwich it with another cookie