My Graduation Cake🎓🎓🎂🎂😅😅


These are just some picture on the graduation cake that I made last year for my SMTI graduation on 8th December 2013. I was assigned to make a graduation cake for the gradation, as I don’t really know how to making cake using fondant, plus I also don’t have the fondants tools at all, so I ask my friend Gina to help me as she has experience in fondant, but on that day, she couldn’t make it so end up I ask Chris to come and help me out, but the trouble is, both Chris and I have no experience in fondant!! 😱 so you can see from the cake, the covering is not smooth at all…… Plus it was summer in Perth, the weather is so hot that not only my makeup starts to melt, so does the cake! I was so worried when I took out the cake from the fridge, it looks like it is going to melt when transporting it from house to church! It was such a big and challenging project for me and I actually loosing sleep the night before as I not sure whether I can come out with the cake! But thank God that though it didn’t turn out very nice, but still I got a cake for the big day! Phew!😅