Kaya – Cooking On A Stove Or With Thermomix


Ingredients for Caramel Syrup:
50g white sugar
50g hot water
1-2 pandan leaves, cut i to 3 cm strips

Ingredients for Kaya:
5 eggs
250g sugar
200g coconut milk

Method for caramel:
Make syrup first by melting sugar in a small, heavy based pan without stirring until light brown in colour
Add hot water very slowly and carefully as it will splatter
Add pandan leave and stir until all caramel is dissolved and boil gently for 2 min
Cool and remove pandan leave

To make Kaya On Stove:
Beat eggs and sugar lightly, add in coconut milk and mix well. Strain
Pour egg mixture into a non-stick saucepan, stir and cook at low heat for until the mixture is smooth and lightly thicken.
Put caramel into Kaya, stir and cook until the caramel has melted and Kaya is thick enough
Remove pandan leaf. Remove from heat and leave to cool
Scoop kaya into a cleaned container and keep in the fridge for better storage

To make Kaya Using Thermomix:
Place all ingredients into TM bowl and mix for 1 min 30 sec / speed 3
Add caramel syrup through hole in lid and mix for 30 sec / speed 3
Strain mixture and return to TM bowl
Insert Butterfly attachment and cook 20 min / Varoma / speed 2 until thickened
Turn off heat, remove butterfly attachment and blend 20 sec / speed 0-4
Pour kaya into a cleaned container and leave to cool
Keep in the fridge for better storage