It has been few months since I started this blog, as you know the title of this blog is My Bakes, My Story, My Life! You probably have seen some recipes in there, and wonder where is the story? Well, the reason it take so long is because I really don’t know how to get it started, or should I say, where should I start my story? After going back and forth about which point of my life I should start my story, I decided to share how this blogging idea came about.

Last year I went to a Bible college and did a super intensive SMTI course (I did a 2 years course in 8 months, will share with you next time why I went for that course). On the day of graduation (8th December 2013), during my speech, I declare that I am ready to serve The Lord and ready for ministry that God has plan for me, though I don’t know what is it.

After the ceremony, I flew back to Singapore for my year end holiday, but on the next day, I suddenly started to have vomiting and severe pain on my left side of the head, face, ear and shoulder. Things just went down hill the next few days and after doing CT scan and 2 Brain MRI, I was told that I have a brain lesion on the left frontal lobe of my brain. I was shock and upset and didn’t want to accept this terrible medical report.

I was admitted to hospital for treatment of the headache, but I didn’t get any better or relieve from all the drugs that was given to me during my three days stay there, so I insisted on getting discharge. I call my course leader in Perth and tell her about my condition, my course mate organize a prayer meeting to pray for me, Pastor Alan (who in charge of the SMTI course) not only did he prayed for me, he even wrote to the SMTI head office to ask the intercession to pray for me as well!

As the mediation that the doctor prescribe to me has got the side effect of getting depression, I decided to seek God and begin to take holy communion daily, at the same time I take Chinese mediation for my headache. I pick myself up after feeling down for one whole month.

My perspective of life has change ever since then, every morning when I open my eyes, I begin to thank God for giving me another day to be with my family and friends, and also giving me good health. When I’m in the gym, I thank God that I can exercise today too (though I don’t like to exercise at all if I have a choice, I do it because I know it is good for me). To me, life seems to be so uncertain from that day onwards, so when Pastor Alan approach me to serve in Victory Life Community Service as a volunteer, I say yes to it immediately!

After packing food hamper for a few months, Pastor Alan recommended me to join the Pastoral Care team. I really enjoy this work as I can share my life testimony to the client, though I do not know the bible from cover to cover, but what I do know is that God’s hand is in every stage of my life, even on my darkest and painful years, it bring me great joy to be able to encourage the client using my life story to tell them about how God had help me over come all my trials all these years, and if I can over come it with God’s help, they too can overcome it if they too will surrender it to God just like me.


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